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How do I send pictures / photos to

For free evaluation :
you can send us a small size digital image (if you don't know how to do it, it's fine, send us what you have) or scan a picture  / photo at 200 dpi then send us by Email or regular mail (you should save the scanned picture / photo into a 1.44M disk or a CD)

For editing :
We need you to send us the original digital picture / photo.

If it's not a digital picture, please scan it in color mode, resolution at 300 to 600 dpi (the higher the number, the more color can be saved and edited, making for a better quality picture / photo), save the image to JPEG

Please send all pictures / photos for evaluation or editing by Email: 

How long will it take before I receive my pictures / photos back?

This may depend on several factors such as number of changes on each picture / photo, the quality of the picture / photo, and length of time it takes to complete.

However, most pictures / photos will take under 3 business days to complete, so you should have your pictures / photos back to you quickly.

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How do I pay for picture / photo editing ?

For payment

2. use PayPal and send a payment to the following email address:

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What if I have an idea...?

If you don't find an example of the kind of service you need, please contact us, and tell us what you would like done.  We promise that we'll do our best to turn your idea into reality!

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